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About us

Construction Helpdesk is a renowned and trustworthy Construction Consultancy firm dedicated to make the construction arena safer and more efficient for our customers. Right from providing the finest training to Construction site workers to enabling them to get CSCS cards easily, we offer innovative services for the construction workforce. We also offer NVQ training, CITB tests and other various Health and Safety Courses.

ConstructionHelpdesk offers comprehensive and customised programs targeted at the specific requirements of the construction workers. These specifically include advanced courses in security and health promotion, and hazard mitigation at construction zones.

Our courses help the aspirants to gain practical knowledge of construction work allowing them to become efficient and confident workers. Moreover, these courses help them to pass the CITB Tests with flying colours. This is enabled through our meticulously developed courses which are easy to understand and follow. The revisions and practice materials further help in the cause, making sure they prove to be brilliant construction workers in the field. We also aid our clients in the acquisition of CSCS Cards quickly and in a hassle-free way by eliminating the usual cumbersome steps and easing out the process.

Our team of highly adept and considerate professionals are proactive and ready to guide our customers through their journey and that can be reached by a simple click of a button. Construction Helpdesk purvey superior training to arm our clients with the right set of skills and knowledge for a healthy and lucrative career as construction labourers.

Construction Help Desk works exclusively with people and companies in the construction industry. Our experienced team takes the hassle out of booking your construction tests. You let us know what tests you need to book and when you need to take them and we’ll do the rest. If you're looking to sit your test at the earliest opportunity, our team will lookout for any cancellations so that you get your test at the very onset. If you’re a company looking to make a group booking for your tests, we’re happy to work with you to find the most convenient test centers and dates for your team. When you book with Construction Help Desk you’ll always know when you have to renew your cards. We’ve developed an alerts reminder that will tell you when you or your team is due for renewal, so you’ll never miss a day off-site due to an out of date card again.